At Modaris we are selective with the tutors we feature. Applicants are first filtered by Harper (our very own AI). Filtered applicants are then contacted for an interview where they are briefed on what it takes to become a Modaris tutor. During this meeting they are also asked to demonstrate their teaching skills. Applicants are assessed on various criteria including quality of explanation, use of visual tools and examples, knowledge of subject matter, clarity of speech, preparation and time management. 


We pay close attention to the tools they use to convey information. These tools could range from a piece of paper to a tablet/computer. We also focus on their method of conveying a piece of information. Some tutors use visual methods like drawing and gesturing, other tutors are articulate so their technique is focused on verbal communication and storytelling.


Only tutors that are exceptional make it to the Modaris Tutors Team. We select tutors that are young, ambitious and knowledgeable.

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