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Teach Anywhere Anytime

Be Online whenever you can take students. Use your own time.


Add All Your Subjects

No limit to the subjects that you can offer your students.

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Guarantee Your Payment

Students will be charged for the time they spend with you on Modaris. You can guarantee to receive your earned money after every session.


Analytics About Your Students

Find out how many people are looking for your subjects, how much they are paying, and more. This will help you land more students.

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Teach Anywhere

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You can now tutor any student anywhere around the world through Modaris. Ensure you mark yourself “ONLINE” on your profile to start receiving session requests.  

This is your chance to use your skills in Modaris as thousands of students are waiting for your service. Modaris only charges 25% commission on the sessions tutored. Modaris will transfer your earned money to your bank account, or other available transfer options.

This is your chance to use your skills in Modaris as thousands of students are waiting for your service.

Here's what you need to be ONLINE

1. Complete all your information. 
2. Enter Bank details to send your earned money directly to your account.
3. Upload any sort of valid Identification Document  (ID, Passport copy, Driver license).
4. Upload an Introduction of yourself.

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Record an Introduction Video

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The introduction video of yourself, will present your communication skills, a brief introduction about yourself, and the subjects that you teach. This video will be visible in your profile to students to help them decide on choosing you.

What to include in your intro?

1. Name

2. Where are you from?

3. What subjects, languages, and skills do you teach?

4. In what languages can you tutor or speak?


This is a "REQUIREMENT" to appear to students.

  • The video must be a maximum of 30 seconds

  • Clear background

  • Captured in  landscape mode

  • Use mobile to record the video

  • High-quality video

  • High-quality audio

Introduction Video Example:

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Modaris Whiteboard

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With a state of the art technology, the Modaris Whiteboard will enable you to tutor any student around the world with the best features that will facilitate your tutoring experience. Don't worry about the length of your session; it can be as short as 10 minutes, you will still get paid for your time.


  • Mathematical equations

  • Play YouTube videos simultaneously for you and your student

  • Chat with your student

  • Specific board for coding

  • Uploading documents, Uploading quizzes, questions, and answers

  • Video and audio session

  • Access to our public library of Modaris Review sheets that will facilitate and minimize your tutoring sessions with a summarized chapter of any subject, including all related questions and answers

  • Timer of the session, you can increase the session time as needed and a lot more features

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How To Start & End a Session?

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How To Start a Session

The student will be able to only start a session right away when your profile is marked "ONLINE." 

You will receive a session request via email and SMS. Go to your profile and click on the session tab. Find the session request and click on "Start Session", you will be automatically directed to Modaris whiteboard to start the session with your student.

How To End a Session

To end the session with your student, click on the timer in the Modaris  Virtual Classroom then click "End Class." DO NOT close the browser to end the session. 

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Guarantee Your Payment

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We at Modaris ensure your payments when using the Modaris Virtual Classrooms. The tutor’s payment will be sent to your bank account. We will get you your money anywhere around the world. 

Any session that is conducted on other platforms; Modaris will not pay for the session. After the session is done the tutor must click on the timer and "End Session" to receive the payment.  

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How do I get Paid

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To receive the money earned through Modaris to your bank account, Modaris will need your bank account information. Your information is private and is only visible to Modaris management. 

You can find the section on your profile where you can add your bank account details and an identification document. 

Currently, you can receive payment every 2 weeks through bank transfer or other available transfer options.

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